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    Главная » 2011 » Апрель » 6 » МИ-6 - Удостоверение
    МИ-6 - Удостоверение
    Решил вот продолжить традицию и сделать это удостоверение. К сожалению, информации про MI6 в интернете очень мало, а удостоверение тем более не найти. Возможно ещё и потому, что его на самом деле нет. Сомневаюсь, что в разведке вообще есть какие-либо удостоверения. Но пропуск в штаб-квартиру по идее должен быть. Вот я и сделал что-то вроде этого пропуска. Фантазировал сам, так что сильно не бейте.

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    1 Pr1mE   [Материал]
    Очень круто, как-будто настоящая и действительно такая есть. Огромное спасибо!

    2 TaylorOi   [Материал]
    COMING OUT: Obama's sudden support of gay marriage, after publicly opposing it all through his total political career, may be prompted by a desperate attempt to prevent impending injury from an ongoing felony investigation which has already produced explosive evidence about his fraudulent identity. Now, based mostly on his bizarre flip-flop, it's possible that irrefutable proof has been found by the investigation…about his own homosexual past.

    In case you are talking out about public coverage you aren't working your church... you are attempting to force an entire country to obey the principles of your religion. Then labor unions ,news networks, feminists, homosexuals, Irish, Italians, Mexicans...and so forth, are all political parties?? There isn't a such factor as a political celebration and what constitutes one in the Structure. There is, how ever, Free Speech and Free Association.

    Apart from, would you prefer that church buildings ignore every kind of public insurance policies. Many of the first abolitionist organizations had been church buildings -the Quakers, for example. Many anti-poverty, anti-warfare, anti-communist...choose a coverage and you will discover a church supporting it or opposing it. Just as you will find any number of secular organizations supporting or opposing. So churches ought to simply sit down and shut up. I see the place liberty lies, within the trash heap.

    Sucks right? Sorry once you open a thread you have no control over the place it goes. Good luck on future endeavors. Actually it was more of a rueful chuckle at pondering that any dialog started on an web forum goes to stay on topic for greater than 20 or so posts. None of my replies on this thread had been hateful... but once again for those who choose to think that was then have at it. I personally do not select to take all the things mentioned as straight relating to me so it by no means actually offends me on a personal stage. I discover my life a bit extra theatrics-free that method.

    Justice Anthony Kennedy, the courtroom's conservative-leaning swing vote with a legal historical past of supporting homosexual rights, joined his liberal colleagues within the DOMA decision, which is able to dramatically develop the rights of married homosexual couples within the nation to access more than 1,000 federal advantages and responsibilities of marriage previously denied them. Congratulations are to ensure that Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni, who were legally married this weekend in New York!

    Obama's determination has political connotations for the autumn. The difficulty divides elements of the Democratic base, with liberals and homosexual-rights teams wanting to see the president go additional, however with homosexual marriage far much less fashionable among African-American voters. Others, together with Republican activists and conservative Christian leaders, criticized Obama's stance and known as it an enormous political risk on a divisive issue.

    Anyway, I can't help the murders and torture that this firm is involved in. Another beauty of America is we have the choice to eat where we would like or don't desire. As a former lover of Stylish Fil A food, I will not hand over my cash - to an organization that pays for camps and organizations that cope with killing, torturing or banning these which might be gay. I could make a greater chicken and more healthy rooster sandwich at house the place I do know my money is going to a kinder place.

    These causes they're donating to probably do stuff like make signs, put out advertisements, and so forth. all giving the explanation why homosexual marriage is dangerous. They aren't making rules for folks, they are giving people cause to leap on one boat or the opposite. Just open your eyes and take a look at all the anti-this, pro-that crap about every situation, and you will see why this is the same (Who cares? These organizations don't have the facility to stop gays from marrying. They foyer against it. Solely the government has the power).

    Then realize that you're opening the door for abortion clinics to operate wherever they damn effectively choose... similar with adult bookstores and bars. Perhaps, however it can be fought out in the courts time and again as far as I'm involved so long as the reasons should - not based mostly a politician disagreeing with the expressed opinioni of someone and utilizing zoning legal guidelines to punish. I personally assume deliberate parenthood ought to be like the well being division... there needs to be at the least one in each city.

    3 StephenbeIni   [Материал]

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